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SCD in the Interior Design Industry

In today’s industry of interior designing, people have become more and more savvy in quality living as well as being able to obtain quality craftsmanship, however, many are uncertain as to how and where to start. How does one even begin to design a given space? SCD Construction in West Island, Montreal is well equipped to help and provide easy solutions and visual aids to help put our clients at ease to make their decision process a lot more easier than ever.

What’s the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator?

Over the years, we have had many clients that have asked us the following question, “What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?”.

An “interior designer” possesses creative and technical skills to bring solutions that can be applied within an architectural structure, to achieve a well built interior environment. They possess a diploma in order to support their qualifications. It is so important to bring in an expert and experienced interior designer as soon as you start thinking about designing your space, whether for a renovation project or for a new construction.

Meanwhile, an “interior decorator” possesses their knowledge from experience. They may possess certificates from attending short learning seminars pertaining to their trade (i.e. interior decorating, paint color, fabrics, lighting, etc.). An experienced interior decorator will have the knowledge of providing their clients with decorating solutions in order to make a room more attractive. It encompasses the layout of proper furniture placement, applying wallpaper, painting walls, furniture selection, lighting and accessories. It is important to bring them in to help out with the final finishing look of the space.

We got the solutions to improve your home

Whether you are in need of an interior designer or an interior decorator, SCD West Island, Montreal is able to help provide experienced help in both fields as well as other valuable services that will make your complete renovation and/or new construction project proceed with ease. Our technical team is well equipped with skilled designers, architects and engineer who can help create plans ranging from basic to technical architectural and engineering stamp approved plans that will prepare you for any City permits that may be required.

Whether it be for residential or commercial projects in West Island,Montreal there are no design plans that we cannot handle. It would be our pleasure to assist you with your project. For more information, we can be reached at 438-843-3888 or email us with your inquiry at info@scdconstruction. One of our representatives will be delighted to respond to you. *special conditions apply.