Improve the Home Entrance with Appropriate Vastu Shastra

There are certain places within a home, which requires special attention. The entrance to a home is one of the most vital parts. This part is not only responsible for a person to make the first impression about a home, but also acts as the gateway to different energies.

Many people around the world try to build their home keeping the matter of Vastu in mind. Several factors like the direction, space, and color plays an important role in case of Vastu. However, the entrance to a home is the most important one. A home entrance with proper Vastu brings about great prosperity.

Some of the importance of a great home entrance is given below –

• The entrance should never face towards the south western direction. According to Vastu, this direction welcomes evil energy. This energy is responsible for any misfortunes. Besides, it also decreases the wealth energy of a home. According to Vastu, gems like Sapphire, Lead, or earth crystals can keep the evil power at bay and thus, minimizes the ill effects.
• Court issues, illness, and anger are some of the few things that can affect a home with an entrance facing the south eastern side. Gems like Coral and Sapphire can reduce the possibilities of the above ideas. Besides, according to Vastu, Gayatri Mantras can also do the magic. Stickers with the Mantras on it should be there on the outer walls.
• Entrance towards south invites sharp energies to the home. This destroys the positive energy within the house. Furthermore, it also brings about social scenes and arguments. If a person believes in Vastu, he /she can use gems like Lead or Cat’s eye as possible remedies to such problems.

Vastu – The Ultimate Way to Improve Your Home

• Western doors are responsible to invite positive energy and enjoyment spirit. Such energies are great for teenagers as well as youngsters. In Japan, the houses situated in Geisha, face towards west. The home entrance towards North West also has certain benefits. They welcome adequate health and wealth. However, the head male member has to stay away from the house for a long time in order to make this Vastu rule work.

• People, who have planned to build their home maintaining the Vastu rules, should surely make the home entrance face towards either east, north east, or north side for best results.
The home entrance is only a part of the home improvement process. However, people who believe in Vastu should keep some other factors like cuts, ground water storage, extension, and Feng Shui in mind before the construction process starts.

The numbers of people around the world, who follow Vastu on a daily basis, are gradually increasing. Most people want their home to be the best one. Therefore, merge the service of an expert designer with the appropriate Vastu rules in order to enjoy the best home improvement results.


Home entrance is one of the most important parts of home improvement process. One should keep in mind the rules of Vastu before the construction process begins. People, who have already completed the construction, can opt for different remedies from an expert.

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