Feng Shui Checks Before Purchasing a Dream House

Feng Shui is a very new concept but it has influenced the society considerably, especially the homeowners. People, looking for new dwelling, need to abide by some essential guidelines so that they make the best deal. Apart from the real estate rules that they are bound to maintain, new house owners try to find a match their home position, location of many other parts of the house according to Feng Shui.

Even when the seller is authentic, the price of the house suits the buyers and all the paperwork are maintained new home buyers wants to have a Feng Shui audit. Every time you might not have to take the assistance of some professional practitioner. Here are some of the tips that you can check while finally signing your real estate property.


Land Forms

How can land forms affect a house? Land forms such as mountains and hills, do affect a dwelling, according to feng shui. You can observe this well by standing outside your home and looking around.

What are things you should focus on?
– Avoid the houses shorter in height than the surrounding rocks, cliffs and other buildings.
– Search for sharp edge structures facing towards your house. These will pass unfavorable energy to your house.
– Buildings close to places associated with death and illness transports oppressive energy to the house. So, try not to build houses nears graveyards, slaughter homes and hospitals.

Feng Shui now Guides Buyers in Real Estate Property

Home Entrance

Entrance of a house is the very first thing that can impress or depress a visitor. You need to judge the entrance when you see the new residence. Make sure that the entrance of your house is inviting to all. If you have a threatening feeling as soon as you approach the main entrance, be assured that the house is not suitable for you.

What are things you should avoid?
 When you have a threatening feel entering a new home, do not purchase the house. You might not know the exact reason of your uneasiness but it is certainly a symbol of bad feng shui.
 Strange large size roofs must be avoided at the entrance of your house.
 Do not buy the house where the main entrance is not visible. If you have difficulty in finding the entrance, good fate will also have difficulty in entering your home.

Road Forms

As you drive towards your desired dwelling, examine carefully the roads around the home.

Things you should notice
o No road should point directly inside the house.
o The home must be situated at the road’s concave bending.
o The home must not be located at the dead end of any road.
o Roads encircling the house are ill-fated.
o Homes must not be near any fly-over bridge.
o Houses must not be situated near airport runways, train tracks and highways as they are ill-fated.

These are some of the norms that every house owners might like to check before purchasing the dream house. Hope you benefit from these house hunting tips.

Summary: Purchasing a home is a really “big” investment. So, in every step, you should be careful and calculative.

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